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Hey guys, todays' cocktail is a bit stronger, but worth tasting it. It is not a party cocktail, it is amazing for colder days, for relaxing yourself and simply enjoying the flavour of this rich mixed drink. All you need is an ounce of your favorite vodka. This time don't go with a cheap, market bought vodka, it will really make a difference if you choose something from a highee shelf. Than just add an ounce of kahlua coffee liquor and a couple of ice cubes. It is quite strong so be careful with this one. For me, this is a perfect drink while trying to write something or be creative and artistic in any way. One of this will get you going. If you have already have a Black Russian before, tell me what you think of it, if not - try it.
make ittt. It's so easy, and all you need is vodka and kahlua. @alywoah
i need thisss
exactly. You described it perfectly. @allischaaff
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