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okay so i couldn't find that much picture and gifs of bts in a similar place like that so i tried my best to make it fit and i added cclown gifs in one of the places but just pretend its bts okay? to make it up i leave/give you this gif^ lol sorry..........
so you have arrived to your destination argent you excited......after that long ride..
(BTS Member) *wakes you up* "we are here babe come on close your eyes tho." *you close your eyes*, he get out of the car and goes open the door for you like a gentle men and grabs your hand. "are you closing your eyes?" he asked. (you)"yeah but im scared that im fall." you a laugh. (BTS Member) " don't worry you'll never fall when your with me cause ill never let that happen." still holding your hand he helps/guides you to make your way to "the mysterious place". (BTS Member) "open your eyes!!" he yelled. so you do and you realized it your special place.......
what could your special place be?? :O........back to the game here are your results
Place 1 = The Amusment Park
Place 2 = The Park
Place 3 = The Beach
Place 4 = A Restaurant
you thanked him and gave him a big hug/kiss and you guys began to enjoy your date. (you)"ummm....babe why are we the only ones here? i remembered this place would always be packed....we eventually found a quiet spot but still its weird right?" (BTS Member) "ummm about that i rented the whole place for us" (you) " that's a lot of money why would you do that you know im okay if its packed right." (BTS Member)" ummmmmm its cause i have something to tell you"
okay cliff hanger :O hahaha what will happen??? what does he need to tell you??......this game not over yet..
so tomorrow another surprise pick.....YAY!! hahaha but what would happen??? hope you enjoying then game and remember to comment what you got love you guys <3........
again if not enjoying the game inbox me and/or send me your ideas so in my next game or this one who knows i can make it even better.....what do you say??? i would love to hear from you <3 im open to suggestions....love you guys
Part 5:
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