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INDIA is a country with 29 states and with area 3.288 million km square we share borders with country like Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Nepal, Bhutan,Myanmar we have population of 1.25 billion 780 languages are spoken in our country.
Yes we have lots of these temple in INDIA if you ever visit one of these temples please attend the aarti (evening prayer) believe me the energy in these aartis is really awesome.
FOOD Since most of our population are vegetarian therefore India is paradise for Vegans we have so many different types of vegan foods that I can't even explain the first pic is of masala dosa second one is samosa and third one is pani puri . And one more thing whenever you visit India never eat in five star restaurant there food sucks always try to eat in these small vendors there taste is really awesome but please make sure that it is clean.
Religion We respect each and every religion as . In 2009 our president , Vice President, and prime minister all were of different religion.
Weddings weddings in INDIA is a two day thing Hindu weeding is like a complete festival at first day of wedding we have an engagement in afternoon and at evening we have like musical night where relatives of bride and groom perform dance . And another thing most of our marriage is arranged marriage in these type of marriages our parents decide whom should we married these type of marriages are very very scary because basically you just have to meet some girl and if you like her and she likes you plus your parents like her plus her parents should like you then only you can get married to that girl otherwise go to hell and parents don't like there children to date other people so we actually have to play the game of cat and mouse with our parents to date someone if somehow they caught us dating someone then be prepared for emotional drama.
Our Cinema There are two types of movie in INDIA movie that are not copied from Hollywood and movies which are copied from Hollywood . Hollywood is really a big influence in our movies whole American music and movie industry has a great impact in our country every famous Hollywood actor is also famous in INDIA. And yes I forgot to tell you about our south Indian movies if you are really feeling low in your life than just search south Indian movie in YouTube
LADAKH The first thing you should do whenever you visit India is get a bus to Manali and visit ladakh believe me you have never seen this place that's why I always advise people to visit in July or August so that you can visit ladakh unfortunately due to heavy snow ladakh is closed for tourist due to heavy snow
Note: Whenever you go shopping in INDIA always bargain never hesitate to bargain because whenever any shopkeeper sees any foreigner he sees money he will always try to exploit you more and more so the only tool you have is to bargain.
This post was really a short glimpse of our vast country if you wanna know more about this spiritual capital of world feel free to comment I will satisfy your curiosity . Good bye
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