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When I was younger, nobody told me that I wouldn't grow up in a perfect world. Nobody ever told me that people were evil and careless. And that I would be alone, or that I would lose people that I cared about trough my life. Nobody explained to me that I had to be strong and careless too. That people would step on me for no reason. I never new I would have to see through everybody because there's liars. There's evilness. There's fights, and distrust. Never anyone told me I would live in a world where I sometimes wouldn't belong. Where sometimes I wouldn't want to live in it. And that it would be so frustrating because I would want to change the world, and I wouldn't be able to do so. Nobody ever told me the Impossible was real. And that Perfection didn't exist. I'm still here. We're still here. Although misguided, trying to live everyday the best way we can, trying to see the light in every dark room, or even trying to survive. But we are here. In this reckless world, that pretty much doesn't give a shit about us. Anyway. We must be crazy. Abnormal. But this is life. And sometimes, if we are lucky, maybe things go well for us. Maybe sometimes it's enough the people who like us and support us. Maybe it's just enough. Because we always search for good things to support our life. Maybe that's all the purpose of life. Search what makes you feel truthfully Alive. And just live.
hahaha you're welcome! I hope it's not too much XD I just really enjoy your writing so I'm trying to check out all of your stuff!! Lol :D
@allischaaff thank you! sometimes we forget that although we go through bad times and it feels like if you take a step you'll fall, everything will come together as only one more obstacle you overcome! if you keep this in mind it's so much easier to see those glints of light! We didn't born ready but we learn by failing! and in the end, it's an amazing life! thanks for all the support! I really appreciate it! :3
I really like this. How you used bolding to highlight certain words, to make them stand out... even in the text, it helps create that feeling of tension between light and dark, which you describe. And what a powerful metaphor, which I totally agree with – we are all of us standing in a dark room, trying to see the light. Sometimes we catch a glint of it. And knowing we are not alone – that we have each other – that's what keeps me going in tough times. Very beautifully expressed, @BPF1916 <3
@allischaaff it's never too much to know opinions! and so grateful that you like my writing! I really appreciate and you're welcome to comment all my stuff! it's always so good to know someone appreciates something you love to do! ^-^