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Midday in a small Texas town. People were up and going about their day. When last we were here Sherriff Buddy and Deputy Jack were making preparations to contact some extreme help to combat a couple bad guys intent on vengeance. A week later they now await the new arrivals. In the El Orco Supremo Bar and Grill our intrepid heroes are having lunch. "Here ya go, Jack. Huevos rancheros...hold the huevos. I guess that'd just be rancheros..." "Thanks, Sharky. My complements to miss @alywoah for her recipes." "I need a refill, Sharky, the usual." Buddy rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. It was a weird night, Jack mentioned something about a guy seen running through town in his underwear causing all kind of commotion. "I lost him in the dark but I'll get him. He'll probably do it again." " do that..." Buddy decided not to eat the worm anymore. At that moment, the doors swung open. There stood the silhouette of an imposing figure. She had twin pistols with dolphins engraved on the pearl handles. What secrets she had, covered by the dusty brown zarape. Her hat lowered just enough that her steely eyes were covered by the shadow, blade of grass between her teeth. She stood there scanning the room. "You the sheriff?" She said with a gravely voice. "Ahem, sorry, got a sore throat." "Yea, who are you?" "I'm @danidee, I received a graph from you a week ago." "You got here fast...You ok? Why you squinting?" "To much dust outside" "Wait a minute, Sheriff, how do we know she's who she says she is?" At that second a shot rang out and Jacks hat flew off his head. "Ok, I'm convinced." "Have a seat, Miss Dani, Sharky, put it on Jacks tab." "Make my day," she said. As they moved to a booth, the doors opened once again. A man sporting a sombrero walked in. Carrying a Winchester in one hand and an axe on his back. He had a scowl that made him look all the more deadly. He walked up to the bar and asked Sharky for the sheriff. "Welcome stranger, I'm the sheriff. Who are you?" With a gravely voice he answered, "@jeff4122" "You got dust in your eyes?" "Yea, strep throat too." "Ok, Sheriff, are you sure he's who he sa..." A shot rang out, neatly removing Jacks hat again. "Sigh." Buddy waved Jeff to their table and they started to get to know each other. The piano player began to play. It was a catchy tune that seemed to stay with you. At that moment they heard a commotion from the upstairs balcony as a masked woman jumped down onto the table next to them, her cloak flapping in the wind. Buddy watched in wonder at this woman as she gracefully floated down. And also where the hell was wind coming from, they were inside!! At that moment (I know I know, it's a little redundant) a lithe shadowy figure flew over their table. Another masked woman faced off with the first. She pulled out her bull whip, slapping it in the air. Her fiery red hair made up to resemble a cats ears, dangerous as a black widow. The caped woman pulled out her lariat and began twirling it. "What are you doing here, @nicolejb?" Yelled the caped woman in a gravely voice. "I was invited by the sheriff @shannonl5!!" Yes, she also had a gravely voice, and they were squinting. As they each monologed it was revealed that they had a great rivalry with each other going back many years. Best friends in childhood, they spent many years playing together, sharing toys and training for the day they would become a duo of dynamic proportions. They would win the West and spread justice and equality for all. But then, one fateful day Shannon had to move away, and Nicole could never forgive her...even though they were still kids and she kinda didn't have choice. Shannon became a champion rope trick artist and Nicole trained by studying cats in the wild. When last they, met they fought. It was an epic battle of skill and agility with neither of them backing down giving everything they had. Shannon had punched Nicole in the throat at the same time Nicole kicked her in her throat...yes I know it would have been quicker to just say that, sue me. "Sherriff how do we..." Jack felt the tightness of the lariat around his midsection as his hat flew off his head...again, knocked off by a the whip. "Dammit!" Shannon and Nicole joined the group, eyeballing each other the whole time. Soon entered three women. They were gentil persons dressed in long dresses with wide brimmed summer hats. One woman carried a parasol while an other had ninja swords on her back with a series of knives on a belt she wore across her chest like a bandido. The third carried the biggest pistol anyone had ever seen. "We're the Fates, which one of you scum bags is the sheriff?" said the bandido. "Now @jlee37, no need to be insulting. But yes, kind folks we are seeking the sheriff." She waited as everybody just looked at each other. "ANSWER ME YOU JACKASSES!!" she yelled pointing her hand Canon at the group. "Ahem excuse me...I've been taking anger management classes. Hehe." with that she holstered her weapon. "Now who's being insulting, @allischaaff. @TerrecaRiley, you want some tea?" "Yes thank you," she said quietly. Jlee walked up to Sharky and ordered as Terreca and Alli sat at the adjoining table. Everyone turned to look at Jack. "I'm gonna go buy me a new hat." "Why don't you have a gun, Terreca?" Asked Buddy. "I don't need one" was all she said as she drank her tea, savoring the flavor. As they walked outside Buddy explained the situation. They walked over to the jail as he told them their room and board would be provided in the hotel. At that moment (What?) A lone figure came riding up. As he dismounted his horse collapsed. "Sorry I'm late, some dumbass stole my horse and took my machete. Dam fool rode off in the desert spoutin some nonsense about a princess... probably dead by now. On top of that all my horses are sick. I'm@VinMcCarthy...What?" "Nothing, just that your voice is normal and your not squinting..." "Well Sheriff, that's why I use eye protection and um whatever." "Anyway, i just explained the situation, you'll have to read the First part if you wanna catch up." (what? Shameless plug, I know.)
@TerrecaRiley @nicolejb @shannonl5 @jlee37 @allischaaff @alywoah @jeff4122 thanx :) I'm like so blown away by the feedback and I hope the third part comes out good :) @allischaaff I can't wait to read it :)
Hahahaha I love the backstory that I have with @shannonl5. I'm sorry I kicked you in the throat...but you moved away! :P
@buddyesd I think we're all probably blown away by your writing!
Hahaha I guess it would be fun either way @shannonl5! we could just kill it with our powers Good morning @jlee37 :D
So, am I the bandido or the massive gun slinger with an anger problem and lookin mighty hot in my sexy dress and hat?
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