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My brother-in-law has a love-hate relationship with TOP. He started with putting the TOP poster on the toilet seat in efforts of showing how much he didn't like him. Today he confessed that TOP was his bae. Do you approve @LactatingQueen? Picture credit to original owner
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Lol he put it on top of the toilet seat, literally... He wasn't permanently on there. My bro told me to "clean up my sh**" that I left in the bathroom, referring to the TOP poster. That could be used as a future prank though. I could tape a picture to the toilet lid. Omg, the reaction would be great!!
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My bro also tried to put TOP in his fish tank. Lolol
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@MagicBananas is it weird that the more I think about this images, the more I cringe? lol I have a thing with faces on bathrooms.
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Hahaha! It isn't weird at all. I'm kind of cringing thinking back on it
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@MagicBananas HA HA HA HA!
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