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I'm dancing blind to your beats inside my soul Expanding my heart for you to climb up and complete our goal As my delilah I'm your shining star Always here from the end to start Calling out to the heaven above and filling it with our dreams We'd colour it with our souls and wait for ecstacy This world shall be gloomed by our love And we share each moment giving us warm hugs You pull my strings as a perfect melody And my heart play itself like a violin to your symphony All I do is to be your guardian angel and take us high And this divine truth lies deep in my eyes By which I wink to the moon and tell him that I have my blue star And he smile like a child to forget my teasing heart Being your knight in armour and smile on my face I'd love to die for you my lady protecting you till my last breath The winds will sing our song And the world will dance along As we will be with one another hugging tight And the stars over our head will shine bright Just wait for a moment and close your eyes I'll be there in a heartbeat to make you smile Everything that is good to me I owe to you Which include even my heart as it does beat for you Without any clue my paths walk into your direction And even in my sub conscious my love for you never lessens Never be gone my delilah as I love you As my heart is calling you without any due