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Just a sneak peak into me! I LOVE KPOP! Im an Omma! AND REALLY LOVE MY LIFE!!! It could be just a little bit better ONCE I GET TO SK WHO KNOWS I JUST MIGHT END UP LIVING THERE! OH A GIRL CAN DREAM!!! Sooo IM HAPPY AND I JUST WANTED TO SHARE THAT!!! #KpopIsLife!!!
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I love your lipstick! It looks very nice on you!
Hullohhh (^_^)ノ
Hi! Nice to meet you!
This card was removed from all communities let me know if you can still "view" this on your feed?
@Taijiotter thanks! Its just basic lipliner with "hard candy shimmer clear gloss only five dabs of that stuff and GLOSSES TO A CANDIED SHINE! @PassTheSuga HEY! @AimeeH likewise