Block-b high touch fan meet!!!!!
Look at this beauties!!!!!! I TOUCH THEM!! IT WAS LIKE A DREAM OMG!!!!!! Their hands where so soft and their faces were perfect. I want to relive this moment. U-kwon and PO hair are so gorgeous.
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@passthesuga Yes i did!!!!!!!!! omg!!!! I wanted to go but i was at the concert. I spend a lot of money on that. but j got to meet them three time at the fan meet (high touch), ted carpet, and the concert. IT WAS AMAZING!!!!
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@DulceZelaya Aaaawwweeee AMAZINGGGG!!!!! I'm so happy for you! Did you get to confess your undying love at hi-touch???? (❁´▽`❁) lol I honestly dunno if I'd be able to talk....just smile like an idiot.
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@passThesuga Yesss!!!!!! I whisper *I love you* to all of them while touching their hands..... but I did smile lile a idiot.
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@kpopandkimchi yes he did!!!!!! and idk if they r still in LA or not. cuz they don't have plans until August 7 in japan.
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