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@MattK95 @PassTheSuga I've built up a hate for TSENT over these past 8 months without B.A.P I just need a statement from Appa Bang. I'm really upset that they went back to them. TS can't make it without B.A.P honestly..I'm sorry to secret and sonamoo and untouchable but they can't bring in as much, financially, as B.A.P did/can. All of these world tours/albums/etc..I wonder what happened yesterday...hopefully a full explanation will be announced soon..sorry for my long rant
I'm disappointed and a lil worried by this news.....I'd like to think they worked everything out....but then again TS might have been unwilling to release them from their contract. So I dunno....
@PassTheSuga hahaha. yea I had to go vent with some people earlier like this whole thing ruined my mood. But I am going to trust B.A.P with this decision and continue to follow them. This next comeback is gon a SLAAAAY I just feel it.
@KpopJunkiesTV @MattK95 WHEW!! Thank gosh.....I didn't wanna be a downer but TSENT can go suck a butt....they worked these boys like animals and took all the booty too....and now they're going back?? I just hope the boys had a hell of a legal team backing them up and made some serious amendments to their contract. That whole 90/10 ish better be done and over with. Gahhhh!! that felt good.....I'm better now. Lol now I can be excited for a comeback ヽ(´▽`)/
@Mattk95 I told 1 of friends that they're gonna pull a Rain and comeback at the MAMA awards X"""D my heart..
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