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Hair wrap is my lazy way to look polish for any special events. A little over a year ago when I was coordinating my friend's wedding I discovered this beautiful updo through La Peitit Noob. My immediate response: ONE charming headband + ZERO hairstyling skill = 100% gorgeous updo.
You might want to start with curling the ends of your hair. You can skip this step if you have overnight curls or if you have natural curls. Then all you need is to slip on a beautiful headband. You can purchase these from Claire's, Icing, Nordstrom, or Anthropologie.
Starting from the front, roll hair through the headband. Repeat this step until all your hair is up. It doesn't have to be precise because you're aiming for the messy, loose style.
The end result should look like the picture above.
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It's so classy and simple. Elegant. I really like the band and how her hair is designed with it. Awesome!
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