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I don't know how I should feel but I'm happy and worried at the same time.!!!!
supposedly they're back with ts.!!!!! I hope they don't regret this decision.!!! I wonder if everything will be the same, I doubt it though.!!! .!!! I'm scared.
my boys.!!!!!!
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they really didn't. cause they know they were in the wrong. they didn't pay our babies for all the hard work they did.!!! @LaurenStrayhorn I don't think they'll make a comeback this year though. I think they have to let the situation go down a bit. what do you think???
Tbh I'm more afraid that bap is gonna lie that they're doing okay to not make us sorry again.
sorry auto-correct *to make us not worry again*
I'm just wondering if the new laws that went into effect in regards to trainee contracts had a hand in changing ts's tune. The new law makes it a lot harder to screw over these trainees by providing a standardized contract. Maybe ts thought their chances were better to settle out of court.
I'm sooo happy b.a.p are back but it makes me nervous hope nothing happens this time missed them can't wait for their comeback😉❤️❤️😍😍