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I don't know how I should feel but I'm happy and worried at the same time.!!!!
supposedly they're back with ts.!!!!! I hope they don't regret this decision.!!! I wonder if everything will be the same, I doubt it though.!!! .!!! I'm scared.
my boys.!!!!!!
I LOVE YOU BAP! Please don't feel like you owe me anything and if you want to leave TS, LEAVE! But I love you. My baby, Zelo, is back and I'm so excited!
@YeseniaLira That's what I'm thinking because they must have been hurt mentally to do the lawsuit and like you said a bunch of things must have happened during all of this so yeah. B.A.P fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think a lot happened before and after the lawsuit. things we don't and won't know about. but I don't think they'll tell us the whole story though. but yeah I won't trust that company. ever.! @StephyBAP BAP fighting.!!!!!!!
@YeseniaLira at the bottom of the article it said this well not the article but the stuff at the bottom (you get me) it said what happened? but yeah at the end we'll still support B.A.P but i won't trust TS that easily. not after what they did to them
I don't know. :/ I want to know the details. I don't trust TS. I'm waiting for one of the boys to reassure us.... I honestly don't want them to go back to that company but I'll trust BAP's decision.. @StephyBAP
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