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SHINee 샤이니_Married To The Music_Music Video REVIEW
okay, you guys know me by now, and when a popular group comes out with a new music video, its time for a review.... lets get into it.
okay, okay, yes shinee its getting close to October, so thanks for the early taste of my favorite holiday EVER! though, it was quite confusing.....
FIRST OFF props to you guys for going to or having a party! but c'mon, who parties with THAT amount of people? and who's birthday is it 0-0 (but i think everyone here would go to that party anyway haha)
but what REALLY confused me was the loss of their body parts? was it because they were cheating on their wife 'the music' (yes, a depressing thought i know). but lets face it, how awesome would it be to know if your spouse was cheating because they came home without a nose?
as for the music, i could jam to it haha. i don't think k pop is over the summery songs yet, and so its a very jazzy upbeat, sorta Michael Jackson song (in the beginning at least) that anyone can just sing at the top of their lungs while driving in a car (preferably a convertible)
- it's got all the jams
- yaaaassss early halloween
- be safe with your faces kids
- the party dont stop until the cake flames up into our faces