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Nervous you look around the hotel. Its alot nicer than you expected. Slowly you scan the room looking for her. First you look at the reception desk. There were people but not her. Then you looked to the elevators it was empty. Sighing you take a look at the lounge. Still you dont see her so you decide to sit down. Your knees jiggly and your heart is pounding. Sheer excitement and nervousness fills you. A few minutes pass as you look around desperate to see her. You havent met her in person yet but you will soon. You met her back in March and she confused you from the start. At first you felt something immediately you didnt know what is was. It scared you so you tried to hide from her. That wasnt happening. After awhile she helped you and you helped her. Which is when you came to the realization. You love her more than anything. Theres such strong connection between you. Its hard to believe you missed it. A small smile spreads on your lips as you think of her. Just then you notice someone walk in youre jaw drops. Its her your world you stand up. She looks around her light brown eyes scanning. Her eyes find yours and you walk to her. Each step is faster this is it. Youve imagined this moment a million ways now its here. When you reach her you see her big genuine smile. You pull her close tears streaming your face. Carefully you lift her up by her rear and kissed her. The kiss is how youve always dreamed of kissing her. Sweet genuine and full of passion. She looks into your eyes her arms around your neck. Gently she kissed away your tears. "I love you so much." she says as she kisses you once more.