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Sooo. I noticed that I just kinda blasted through the Vingle Doors, like the long lost cousin coming to Xmas for the first time without properly introducing myself!! I apologize for not getting y'all used to my extreme randomness beforehand.. So without further ado, I will begin!
Im Aimee, I live in Arkansas for now. My family, is my life; along with two beautiful nieces that have me wrapped around their fingers. I'm not related to my sister's by blood, but they are my life and I adore them regardless. The first pic is Joyce and I before we dyed our hair to purple, 2: Joyce and Scarlett ❤ 3rd: Sondra and Alieah
My Biases Are: (Not all, just some I don't want to make y'all snooze from the boredom of my post) *Xiumin. *Leo. *N. *Ken. *Lay. *JB. *Daesung. The last guy, *Kim Joon - He was the first actor/singer I got googly eyes for!!
I love Learning, I'm a weirdo, and I am clumsy! I'll be graduating in December With my Bachelor's degree in a double major. Go me!
Last but not least, I'm the kpop girl in my family, even though I'm slowly bringing Sondra to the Lightened Dark side! Go me! So Hello, and it's really nice making everyone's acquaintance. Y'all have been so welcoming and kind, I appreciate it!! ❤ (>^~^)> <(^~^<)
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@lamrotamrot Nice to meet you dear ^~^ Oh my yes. lol Ravi is another for me that I try to deny in my heart, but he busts through the door with no prior notice XD
This is one awesome intro! So glad you joined the Vingle K-pop family @AimeeH :)
@poojas Thank you Dear! I am too! I absolutely love it here! ^~^
Hey welcome I'm Jackie :)
@szewwy hi Jackie! Nice to meet you :)