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After seeing @danidee 's post about the "Taco Belle" dress, I went to look it up and saw that actually, the girl that made it is totally not a "new" Taco Bell!!!!
This picture is from 3 years ago!!! And it went pretty viral then, too, inspiring memes and what not. She goes by Avant-Geek, and really loves cosplay and Taco Belle hahaha. She also said it got her $100 of free tacos at that time so that's cool.


Here's what she wrote on Insta:
"I'm remaking this costume so I've decided to give away the original#tacobelle dress. All you have to do is repost ANY one of my pictures with#Avantgeek #giveaway or tag me, you'll be entered for your chance to win. Be sure to follow my Instagram! (Additional chance to win on my Facebook page).#tacodress #tacobell #picoftheday#instagood #taco #belle"
She was actually featured in a commercial of Taco Bell's which you can see here when she made the white dress you can see and won their Live Mas contest a few years ago, and even though they apparently loved her yellow belle dress, disney copyright rules and all that obviously meant she couldn't wear it! You can see the commercial here but the dress she wore is the one above. It's made out of taco bell wrappers!!
Yep. They love her dress. lol.

She also has this awesome Charizard Cosplay

So yeah, point is she's pretty awesome so thanks @danidee for helping me find her hahahah. Her reddit is here and her facebook is here if you guys wanna check her out!!
DO I seem a little obsessed?! Hahha
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it would end up being my Halloween costume for the next 25 years. Plus the dress I wear when I'm eating tacos... obviously!!
@danidee considering how many times I want Taco Bell... this might just become my 'all the time' dress
@shannonl5 @danidee I can't stop laughing imagine if you had to wear one of thes to be allowed in taco bell
@vulpix I'd be praying for the drive-thru XD
this is awesome lol