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Was this GD's moment of realization? He looked at himself and said, "oh no, I am not as good looking at T.O.P. Oh well." LOL So who do you think is better looking? GD or T.O.P
I personally cannot choose....
Let's start by looking at G-Dragon
and more pics, because why not? ♡♡♡
So let's continue on to T.O.P
T.O.P continued ♡♡♡
Of course both of them together is even better. ♡♡♡♡♡♡
credit to the photographers for I obviously did not take these amazing pictures.
To me, choosing between the two is like choosing between apples and oranges. They're both delicious, but they have completely different looks and flavors to them.
They're both sexy. TOP is just has more masculine features, and G-Dragon is a flower boy. TOP's got the swagger, but GD's got the moves! x)
Daesung. Daesung is hotter. LOL. Don't mind me...
TOP exudes Dominance and commands With his eyes! Where GD just melts you all in all with just a smile wink or him biting his GORGEOUS lip! Am I wrong? I cannot Choose!
I choose top but I also adore gd but top I love just a little more.
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