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Is that why they don't fall for me? :( The only thing I got going for me is... I am poor.
I'm crying. Or maybe I like Kdramas and Kpop way too much to actually care about a relationship right now. JK! It's because I want to study first. (Darn my smarts) :P
But hey! Being poor counts for 30% of this list. That oddly makes me sound like a gold digger. :O
This pictures do not belong to me. I am not the author of them, someone smarter than I created them before I. ♡♡♡
Hahahahaha these are amazing!! Be poor. Just be really, really poor, and your Korean prince charming will find you! Lol XD Never get sad or mad... now that's a hard one. Hey, you know what @FabiolaGavina, putting your education first is always a good idea! :D You're doing it right. Then when you finally do have time for a relationship, it'll probably be with a handsome doctor or lawyer who's as smart as you are :)
This guy is a rude snob. She should throw that drink right in his face.
be poor lol
if I have to be dumb and uncultured to get a k-drama guy, I'd rather be the other girl who gets the alternate happy ending. at least I'll have my own fortune and dignity and can hold my own part in a conversation.
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