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Shiro Cosplay at Otakon 2015!

I didn't expect to love this costume as much as I did!
Sora: Patrick from DTP
"I look like I'm never going to let you go again" - Patrick/Nii
"I want to just take a moment to say how close this cosplay brought the two of them. They're like a real brother and sister now" - Jenni Bon /Steph
What they said about these costumes is really true. What started out as just some clothes and crowns ended up being a bond formed between me and Patrick throughout the weekend that can only be described as brother and sister. It was an honor to be the Shiro to his Sora and I absolutely cannot wait to be able to wear these together again with him, we promised we couldn't wear these costumes again without each other. Thank you Yenra Photography for capturing these heart warming moments.
<3 my Nii
but actually me every 5 seconds "mY CROWN IS FALLING OFF AGAIN"
Ken's description: "By the water's edge, bokeh of distant lights like a dream, and all the feels, moon high above, and friendship like a dream, and all the feels, harbor surface glistening with city lights reflected."
I miss the costume cuddles :((((
I love love love this. The photos are fantastic too! Great work! ^_^
That last photo is my FAVORITE! You both look amazing – I can't believe how adorable you look in that purple wig. I really love that first photo, too. Your creativity is incredible! Don't tell me you sewed this entire costume from scratch, too @Angelipon?
I second what @allischaaff said you look exactly like the characters! Every detail is perfect :D
Just amazing! Please do more!
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