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Look at these boys! so here we are again with tough choices to make!
Jackson, Mark, YoungJae, JR, JB, BamBam, Yugyeom 1. Shag 2. Marry 3. Kill 4. Stalk 5. Have kids with (Baby Appa) 6. Best Friend 7. Slave
1. Shag Jackson.... alot... I mean a...lot 2. I'd marry Mark, cause he is so sweet and look at him XD 3. Kill JR, I'm sorry it just happened that way! 4. Stalk YoungJae... just cause 5. JB Appa cause he'd make cute babies 6. Best Friend is so BamBam! He would be so fun! 7. Slave would be Yugyeom cause I feel like he'd listen XD Play more here!
1. Shag Jackson 2. Marry JB 3. Kill Youngjae 4. Stalk Mark 5. Have kids with Jr 6. Best Friend is BamBam 7. Slave is Yugyeom
Ok so after what felt like years of deliberation I have decided lol Shag: Jackson (like A LOT lol) Marry: Mark Kill: Yugyeom Stalk: Youngjae Have kids with: JB ( I think he'd be a good father) Best friend : BAMBAM he's so adorable! Slave: JR (sorry)
Shag: In like a couple years, Yugyeom you my boo. Marry: Mark because he's wonderful Kill: Bambam... I'm so sorry darling. Stalk: Junior. Baby with: JB, his face is too good to not pass on. Best Friend: Youngjae. He's such a doofus. Slave: Jackson. Darling.
@xwnn620 You got into this XD I love it! @MorleeCorielus I feel everyone should marry JB =P
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