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Braided Updo Ponytail Tutorial

This hairstyle was listed on the popular ponytail card. So, here's the tutorial for the braided ponytail. Perfect for back-to-school, gym, or work. It also make second day hair look good.
Step 1: Part hair to the side, take small section from the front and begin French braiding
Step 2: Take sections from the side as you go, then finish by braiding regularly
Step 3: Secure end of braid with an elastic
Step 4: Slightly tease the crown by backcombing
Step 5: Sweep all hair back at the top of the nape and secure
Step 6: End with finishing spray
That's it!
Note: You can position the braid either side! It doesn't have to be on the left. Play around with it and see what fits best.
@DeadlyCyanide Glad you liked it
I love this updo!
this is great thanks for sharing.
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How are Men’s Hair Systems in Boca Raton Beneficial?
When it comes to hair thinning, it not only affects the way you look but also hits the confidence level of the person. Especially when it comes to men, it is more of a matter of choice. In some professions, looking presentable comes as a package deal, and you would have to present yourself in a particular manner. That is where men’s hair systems come into the picture. These over the top wigs are available pre-cut, which you can just place on top of the head and attach it with an adhesive for best results. But when you go for buying men’s hair systems in Boca Raton, Ray beach, Deerfield Beach, or Boynton Beach,you have to understand all the things that come with it. This blog would take you through all the benefits of opting for a pre-cut hair system. Why are Pre-Cut Hair Systems so Amazing? Well, a pre-cut hair system is one that you get from a hair replacement center where the base of the system is cut to the size to fit the scalp. The hair on the system is also styled according to the look you want to achieve. Visiting a reputable center would give you the option of maintaining it and styling it properly based on your requirements. But how are these pre-cut systems beneficial? Let’s find out. 1. Perfect for Beginners: Since these come in the shape of your head, you wouldn’t have to apply a lot of experience or pressure in fixing it, thus making it the ideal option for those who want to start off wearing wigs. To those who don’t want to have a complicated wig and then style it, hair systems can actually ensure you save a lot of time. 2. Ease of Maintenance: As mentioned, hair systems don’t have to be maintained a lot. It means that you wouldn’t have to visit a stylist or a hairdresser when you want to change the way it looks. If you want to blend it with your natural hair, then these systems right from the beginning do their job, and there is no touch-up needed. If at all you would want to change the way the system looks, you can visit the hair replacement center you got it from and ask the experts to work their magic. Working with pre-cut hair systems means that you can easily have a short hairstyle without having to worry much. Taking Professional Help When you are dealing with pre-cut men’s hair systems, you would want to consult a renowned hairdresser for the job. This ensures that you have a complete hairstyle that looks absolutely natural on your hair. Based in Boca Raton, the Linda Alfieri Hair Replacem ent Center is run by a reputable hairdresser Linda Alfieri. As the daughter of Charles Alfieri who is also a very popular wig designer, Linda Alfieri ensures that you get absolutely natural results without having to spend a lot of money. The center also offers wigs, extensions, maintenance, and other salon services for men, women, and children for people across Boca Raton, Ray beach, Deerfield Beach, and Boynton Beach. Conclusion: Opting for pre-cut men’s hair systems in Boca Raton can be an exceptional choice for those who want to look good at all times, even when he is suffering from hair thinning or balding. Should you want to know more about the subject or get in touch with experts, feel free to write to or dial (561) 549-0007.
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