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This hairstyle was listed on the popular ponytail card. So, here's the tutorial for the braided ponytail. Perfect for back-to-school, gym, or work. It also make second day hair look good.
Step 1: Part hair to the side, take small section from the front and begin French braiding
Step 2: Take sections from the side as you go, then finish by braiding regularly
Step 3: Secure end of braid with an elastic
Step 4: Slightly tease the crown by backcombing
Step 5: Sweep all hair back at the top of the nape and secure
Step 6: End with finishing spray
That's it!
Note: You can position the braid either side! It doesn't have to be on the left. Play around with it and see what fits best.
I love this updo!
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@DeadlyCyanide Glad you liked it
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this is great thanks for sharing.
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