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Hhhwell.....this chorus is stuck in my head. This song is good....I didn't like the rap part but I'm a rap snob.....so I'm not the best judge (´ヮ`) And I know next to nothing about this group except they've got rookie stats. I dunno why Bella Swan was all up on these boys. Well they're all pretty good looking and one was walking around with his shirt open nips in full view....that may have had something to do with her being all up on him....and they seemed to be into it at first. Then I think it got to be too much.....like when your dog gives you too many kisses and you finally reach your breaking point and you're all "Ewww get away!"
Then the rest of the MV they're pushing her away and pushing her down like literally and being TOADal jerks to her....honestly, I hate seeing that in MVs. I think it's because I'm a beast and if a guy is gonna push me....well....
Anyway..... overall I liked this song (´ヮ`) of course there had to be a dancing in the rain scene which was rather enjoyable but that was a given. The chorus made it for me tho. Ill probably download it....maybe. Any The Legend fans out there? Educate me Lol.
First time hearing about this group I like the song + the guy are so cute.
@PassTheSuga I thought that when I saw the screenshot from the MV and then I saw you called her Bella I was like "thank goodness I'm not the only one who sees it XD" And yeah his tone wasn't great in this, he's better in their previous songs, the chorus in this totally took it from something I kinda like, to something I need on my iPod lol
@MattK95 I was hoping his tone would be better....it was just kinda there. But I'm not writing this group off at all. hahaha Thats exactly what I thought when I saw her.....I was like WTF is Bella doing here???
Okay so I see what you mean about the rap, it was a little disappointing, especially cause I know he can do better. The MV was a little strange... But overall I actually really liked this song (except for a few parts here and there) I'll be downloading for sure :) Oh and @PassTheSuga your description of the song in this card was perfect "Bella Swan" XD