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It's Ship Sunday my fellow faniacs, and what better way to celebrate it than by going over the beautiful brolationships that exists within the notorious BIGBANG! So let's go over these couples and see which one is your favorite!

GTOP (G Dragon + T.O.P)

GDYB (G Dragon + Taeyang)

G-LITE (G Dragon + Daesung)

G-RI (G Dragon + Seungri)

T.O.Bae (T.O.P + Taeyang)

SOL-LITE (Taeyang + Daesung)

T.O.DAE (T.O.P + Daesung)

T.O.RI (T.O.P + Seungri)

Baeri (Taeyang + Seungri)

Daeri (Daesung +Seungri)

Aren't they so beautiful together /(☆o☆)\. THEIR POWERFUL BROMANCE'S CANNOT BE TAMED xD. My personal favorite brolationship is Todae and G-ri, what's yours?
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awe my faves are GDYB and GRI!!!! <3
@VIPforever123 GDYB are soooo cute together and they have known each other since childhood so they are super close xD
G-lite mwahaha omg i love them together
Omggggg ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
TODAE!!!!!! For life!!!