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This is the finished project of my SAO (Sword Art Online) OC (Original [or own] Character). O wasn't using a pencil, since I didnt have one in my room. This didnt take me long... maybe 15-20 minutes... maybe even less, I don't know ;P how long I really did I'm only guessin' here. I might have taken around 10 minutes at least to finish, I'm actually pretty glad I still live up to my fast sketching/drawing/shading/coloring/aweso- okay Ill stop now >.<
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I had forgotten to add that she's blind, but she wears a special mask that helped her see before she had gotten her sight taken away from her again about.... 6 months into the game. The mask has +60 sight & and +10 hearing on it. ;P Ill be putting that up later.