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@amobigbang tagged me to do this incredible game that she created! I would like to thank her once again for tagging me! I had so much fun doing it ^^ By the way I chose seshumaru (not sure if that is how spell his name) to be my partner cause I feel like he would be smart and maybe I could cheat from him lol plus he is gorgeous >< and I didn't put a lot of girls (only wrote Amber's name) cause I dont want any competition lol ps: I meant : Kirito (SAO) not sure why ther eis a W there lol I tag @ErinGregory @poojas @bpf1916 @KatieWarren and @RochelleDiamond
I just finished mine but my phone is beyond dead, so I'll have to wait until it's got a charge before I can post xD
I love seeing Sesshomaru (I had to Google the spelling lmao), he was always one of my favorites in Inuyasha!!!
This is great!!!! I'll get started on mine right now!!!
Left side. Right side Jimin v. Me Mark ZICO kyung DO channie Taecyeon Tiffany. Suzi joy Jackson youngji. Henry Amber
I will get to this...eventually when I can decide! :D
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