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IT WAS SO FREAKING AWESOME THE BEST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE I am really sorry for all of those people who missed it but don't give up there is always another year. So if you want to here is what kcon turned out for me! I was able to get a 3 day convention ticket with Sunday concert. I was able to see and even touch!! Many celebrities if you want to find out more it's all here~~~


On Friday the very first day of Kcon there was quite a lot a lot of people I was honestly quite scared because I have never seen so many people in my life. First day was the day to go to convention it was the best day of the convention because there was no celebrities and no performances so we got to wonder around the whole place for 8 hours which was awesome. I was able to get so much free stuff from Mnet CGV etc. There was also Marching Band which played songs form popular dramas. Oh and they were screening movie Twenty with Kim Woo Bin and that movie was so freaking hilarious at one point I was laughing so hard I was literally crying and I though I was going to die cuz I ran out of breath it was that hilarious.


That's when everything became twice as awesome. So when you register you get an audience pass every person gets it randomly. At first me and my friend got Roy Kim and Zion T & Crush. But we didn't really know them so we exchanged the tickets for Monsta X!!! And were able to see them up close they were so adorable!!!
But because we were kinda far and there was a lot of people I wasn't able to get a clear shot of them yet! Because guess what!!! Later on the came out to the convention where I was able to get to them super super close!!!
Ohhhh!!!! Later on actually kinda at the same time Got 7 came out on the stage at the convention and they were modeling some fashion line sadly I wasn't able to get a clear shot of them but they were sooo freaking cool and handsome too ❤❤❤ Later on new pop rock came out they are called Coremagazine....and let me tell you this they were AMAZING!!! I think they will become very popular because their music is very very good ;) So make sure to check them out!! And after that Roy Kim himself came out and performed his songs!! He was speaking English so fluently and his songs were so gentle so he is one of the artists that I now would like to follow. I took videos of the performance but Vingle doesn't allow to upload vids from the phone so I will post it on YouTube and link it to the post later on.
After his performance Everything got quiet....until the very last minutes where fans decided to show off their dancing skills. And let me tell you this they were freaking amazing. Kcon inspired me and me and my friend so now we will try to learn how to dance.... That was conclusion for the day 2. But the best day of Kcon was honestly the last day....Why?? These are the reasons.....


THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFEEE When we were waiting in line to enter convention today.....They were selling Block B audience tickets...... freaking BLOCK B so ofc me and my friend being super crazy Block B fans we bought the ticket it was actually cheap only 10$. And we were able to get so close to them I was so so so happy. They were less then 15 meters away from me~~~~ my oppas~~~~~
They were really adorable and funny. Then afterwards we went to the dance workshop where they actually taught us how to dance Zero Conduct by Bastarz (3 of Block B members) and it was cool cool cool so many talented dancers once again. And once we came out of the dancing class we see Eric Nam!!!! Right in front of us!!!! I was even able to touch his hand he gave me a high five!!!! His hands were super soft ❤❤❤
After that we have went and saw someone else very exciting ❤ So on the day before during convention we did this instagran thing for Asiana Airlines where we won two Red Velvet audience passes. So right after Nam we went to see Red Velvet. I wasn't able to take pics of them cuz we were all the way in a back. But I did see them and they were adorable so nice cute and funny. And after Red Velvet we have decided to finally line up for concert. And that was my very first kpop concert and it was freakishly freaking amazing!!!! The order was Red Velvet, Block B, AOA, Zion T & Crush, and finally Shinhwa!! OH!!! I almost forgot one of MCs was KIM SOO HYUN himself!!! (Main actor of My Love from another star and Producer) He is so tall and so cute it's awesome! Everyone performed so well it was a great concert!! But Shinhwa rockeeedd the stage. They were the last ones and they got a little bit more time then others but they were amazing. I think they might have captured many fans hearts once again. Here are the pictures of Coremagazine, Kim Soo Hyun and Block B in that order.
And here are some pictures of AOA Zion T & Crush and Shinhwa.
I just came back home and so tired finally get to sleep late. But it was fun fun fun . I really do apologize for my pics they are pretty bad quality buttt I was really far away>.> so please don't hate >.> But deffinetly if you didn't go this year got next 100% sure trust you won't regret it!!!
This was awesome! I'm glad you had a great time! It makes me really want to go to one next year!! I can't dance at all so maybe I should work on that beforehand xD The photos were great! I swear in some of your Block B ones, it looked like a couple of the idols were looking right at you in them, they were great!
u r so lucky. Block B😭
@ErinGregory @kpopandkimchi Hahah thank you! You guys should deffinetly go next year!!