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Resolutions. We all make them, and more often than not, break them. If there is one resolution I kept ever year it is tidy up my room. Growing up with two younger sisters, my mom make every effort (nag her way) to help us cultivate a habit of staying organized. I really do appreciate it because once I got to college I have a smaller space to deal with and keeping it organize is a piece of cake. I even developed my own sense of style for interior designing. Sorry mom, I'm just not into butterfly print and quilt.
With that said, I'm sharing you the process I've been using to design my room.

Step 1: Define the color scheme.

It's a natural instinct as a designer to start with the color combo. This is the hardest part but once you got the combination down everything else will be a breeze. My design inspiration stem from Scandinavian-inspired bedroom: Simple print and neutral color.
My color of combo is Black, Gold and White.
Bedroom: Left | Right

Step 2: Wallpaper and Bedding.

After deciding the color scheme I need to decide what base color to use for my wall. Out of the three colors I listed above. Black is very daring, White is simple and modern. While I love the idea of having a stark contrast I stuck with white color as the base wallpaper because if I decide to change my color scheme later it'll be easier to maintain.
Wallpaper: White
Bed linen: Ikea DVALA Duvet Set ($14.99)
Throw: H&M Texture Throw ($34.95)
Pillowcase: Gran Pillow Case, Black ($17)

Step 3: Adding accent pieces.

Once you're done with all the basics it's time to let your inner creativity shine! Add accent pieces such as flower, vase, frames, mirror or little side bench to complete your room decor. The first try won't be perfect and you're probably gonna tweak it as time by pass, so don't stress out too much about it.
Mint! I love that! I didn't really consider green, but when I imagine it, I love the idea. With a vase of fresh, bright pink flowers? Love it!! And I agree on the gold accents – so classy. Thanks for your help, I really do think I'll go with that :)
@allischaaf It really depends! If you like a cozy and feminine room, I would suggest white and baby pink. I normally like furniture and accent pieces that have a hint of gold details. Also, you can add succulent or a vase of tulips to brighten up the space. If you want a room that's neutral, I would suggest replacing pink with mint. Another combo I like but that might be too intense for you is gray and yellow.
@cindystran do you have any recommendations of colors that are sophisticated but not too dark or intense? I tend to like lighter, happier colors, especially cool ones, but I can't decide what to pair with my white. lol.
@allischaff I used to have an all white room but I grew out of it.
Great process :) I just moved into a new apartment, so this is very useful for me. I need to make my room pretty, but so far everything is white, white, white! I guess I'll have to start by choosing some accent colors :)