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Thank you for your hard work, soula81 >v< Please help us from now on too! Mina san, please visit the link :http://www.vingle.net/posts/98070-Mizutama-Puzzule-Chapter-1a-part-1/?td for download link and online reading, please :)
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@YinofYang: me too, sometimes i can see a bit of myself in josei manga too :)
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@tapnhan There's something about these types of manga. There's not a million misunderstandings like they have in your run-of-the-mill shoujo mangas. There's definitely some shoujo manga I like, but I'm very picky.
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I like it so far,i want more of it!! thank you for the hard work:)
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@Yinofyang: i would love to know what kind of shojo manga you like :D i'm very picky on shojo manga too ++ @murr: thank you, this means a lot to me X)
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@tapnhan Oh, definitely. I'll look up my list to see what I have down and I'll send it in the message that's between us. I'm glad to meet someone as picky as I am. (^_^)
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