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I know it's only August but to think of it, we have about four more months before we enter September, AKA Fall. The first sign of entering a new season usually starts from the hair color. Before you do anything dramatic, keep in mind with a few notes.
TIP #1: If you're thinking to change your hair color for fall, stay away from dramatic shade. This will easily fade and make your hair look washed out. Instead, Gradually add color back into the hair will help the strand hang onto the shade for longer allowing you to have rich tones during September.
TIP #2: Instead of adding a muddy shade to your current hair color, play around with warm tone.
TIP #3: Thinking about going red but have bad experience with fading? Prime your hair with a shade like summery peach to anchor your red.
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My hair is naturally red. I want to dye it black, but last time I tried that it came out with a greenish tint. Is there a shade that will complement the red?