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@cheerfulcallie @katieloidlei I definitely will! I've really been wanting to share the setup. (^_^) Since we all love makeup here. Heehee. Callie, you crack me up.
5 years ago·Reply
I love make up but like what I've said don't know how to put 'em... lol.
5 years ago·Reply
Doesn't a girl's get-together sound great? Cookout, baking, pictures, and makeup would all be part of the activities! We would have a blast!
5 years ago·Reply
sounds good @yinofyang but is that possible? were in the different parts of the world.. lol..
5 years ago·Reply
Oh, you crushed my dreams @katieloidlei (T_T) We can't, though I so wish we could. (^_^) I suppose we'll just have to pretend.
5 years ago·Reply