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Zayn is definitely not dragging down One Direction.

It's been a few weeks since Zayn's departure from the most successful boyband of this decade. It definitely caught fans off guard but he's walking unscathed for now. Zayn just recently signed with RCA, the music record label that has signed some of the biggest names in music : Chris Brown, G-Eazy, Shakira, Justin Timberlake, Prince Royce, and Alicia Keys.
However, to Zayn's surprise, One Direction turned right back around and showed that his departure was not going to impact their music. So 1D dropped 'Drag Me Down' which everyone knows was unexpected. It'll be interesting to see the dynamic between the group and Zayn in the next few weeks.


The new One Direction just recently performed "Drag Me Down" for the first time live in Indianapolis. It was a completely unexpected hit to drop on the charts as it soared to number one in seconds. It's on every radio station, every media outlet is talking about it, and Zayn is trying to stand his ground now that One Direction is stronger than ever without him. Though Simon Cowell has been supportive of Zayn's decision to leave, he's not giving up on the other four members in the hit boy band. The song is catchy and another huge success.


Personally, I think this is so petty and fake. I find it really hard to believe that Zayn is truly supportive of the boy band he left to be more successful. Except the funny thing is that One Direction is still killing the game. Hopefully Zayn isn't making any regrets. He caused quite the stir when he put the hashtag #realmusic when he signed with RCA. Fans freaked out saying that it was a rip at his old band mates. He originally had stated that he left 1D to be a normal 22 year old but he really was going behind everyone's back to sign himself onto one of the biggest labels in the music industry. Zayn has been making major hints at Louis Tomlinson's sexuality, slightly feuded with Harry, and is overall making indirect bashes which are not going unnoticed. Maybe his PR team had to step in to calm things down a bit.

Check out One Direction's new single, "Drag Me Down".

What do you think of Zayn's behavior? Should he have left the band?