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I Am Cait love interest? : Episode 2 Key Points

It's a reality check.

Caitlyn Jenner is now out and proud being at the forefront of all media channels. However, as the docu-series continues, we find that Caitlyn truly has a lot to learn. The transgendered community is ultimately misunderstood among the American public which is partly why the ratings are so high. People are curious so they're tuning in meaning that every move that Caitlyn makes could make or break the progress that Caitlyn is trying so hard to achieve. Below I have provided another list to give the key points of Episode 2.

*Spoiler Alert*

- Caitlyn hates her voice and is already looking at options to change it to become more feminine. This includes possible surgery, voice therapy, or simply using a voice coach app.
- Caitlyn asked Kim and Malika for feminine tips when they visited.
- "I've never felt feminine, but I've always felt female."
- Many trans-people go through voice training to achieve the desired pitch in their voice.
- Caitlyn tried to do her best girl voice for Kim and Malika but Caitlyn still sounded the same.
- Caitlyn used to try her voice on the front desk at hotels over the phone but always failed.
- Looks are very important to her.
- Jenny Boylan is a author and professor who met Caitlyn during the Diane Sawyer interview.
- Boylan strongly thinks Caitlyn doesn't understand the community.
- Candis Cayne is introduced as an actress, showgirl, performer.
- Caitlyn has gained a whole new group of trans-women into her inner circle.
- The gal pals felt inspired by the Vanity Fair cover, a break through for the community.
- 'Love' is the main message in acceptance.
- Jen Richards claims that Cait's coming out experience is ultimately singular.
- Candice shared many stories of discrimination, things Caitlyn has never witnessed.
- Caitlyn's finally had her first girl's night, her assistants are happy for her.
- One of the trans women said there needs to be one straight celeb with a trans girlfriend.
- Many transgendered women entire sex work to support themselves.
- Caitlyn gets excited when she realizes that she's going on a trip where she only has to pack female clothing, a huge step in her life.
- "I have absolutely no idea" for dating Caitlyn notes, however is she dating Candis?
- "cis-guys" "cis-girls" the word 'cis' means men or women who are not transgendered.
- Caitlyn has very conservative views, problematic for promoting the community.
- Caitlyn treats her assistant Ronda as second class frequently in the series.
- We see a lot of tension and discouragement from Caitlyn in regards to wearing a bathing suit showing that she's not ready to expose herself.
- Caitlyn is optimistic about her golf game thanks to her new set of boobs.
- A major issue in the transgendered community is "Everything has to do with socio-economic status".

There are many reports that Caitlyn and Candis are dating. Does Caitlyn like Candis? Sexuality is being discussed in the upcoming episode. Does Caitlyn like men or women?

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