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"The Chinese pandas at the National Zoo have as much right to representation in the US Congress as any resident in the District of Columbia."

A ridiculous, but true statement about the rights of Washington, DC residents who, despite living in our nation's capital, have no right to vote in Congress. The Constitution gives Congress tons of power to decide what happens in DC, but the representative from DC doesn't have any real power on the Congressional floor. Makes sense, right?
Wrong. The district pays taxes, fights in war and contributes to the US GDP, yet it has no voting rights. Not only does John Oliver think Congress should grant DC more rights, he thinks we might as well go ahead and make it a state. Seriously, we let Florida be a state, but we can't give statehood to the nation's capital??
Maybe it'll be hard to add a 51st state to the US, but John Oliver went ahead and edited that 50 states song that we all sang when we were little. Fast forward to the end to see him sing it with a bunch of kids, especially if you get a kick out of kids saying dirty words.

yes @casaubon, @drwhat explains it perfectly! That subreddit is amazing!
@drwhat Wow, thanks! Every country has a such region lol!
I cracked up when that Florida representative basically said the people of DC are teenagers who need to be monitored and thus don't deserve to spend their money. wow. @casaubon I can't explain it well, but there's just a lot of jokes made about stupid things that happen in Florida. People that get arrested for doing stupid things, ridiculous news that happens there, representatives doing stupid things in the government, etc. So, Florida has become a bit of a joke. There's a whole subreddit for "Florida Man" news
I'm just curious. (I'm not from the US) Are there any reasons that they make fun of Florida?
@LauraFisher haha I can totally see a blow up from the fact that the flag will be different, which is so ridiculous haha
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