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Sideways double inside out braid
I was just playing around this morning, decided to braid my hair across my head and messy bun the side, we'll instead of stopping at the base of my head I continued to braid. when I was finished I brought the long part of my hair and laid it beside the original braid. and pin it. you will need to find your own way to cover the hair tie, but there are so many wonderful ideas out there!!! Thanks ladies
Looks a little complicated but I'll see if I can recreate this! Thanks for the sharing.
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if you can sideways Dutch braid its pretty easy. it's just getting it pinned and of course hiding the pony tail holder. and I didn't in this pic.
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I watched tutorials and learned how to Dutch braid after that I just experimented and taught myself how to sideways and piggy tail braid.
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My fingers were a bit confused at first but I eventually got it!
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