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Battling depression is one of the most difficult struggles to many people face daily. Because there is no real "cure" and most anti-depressants can increase risk of suicide, it's hard not to believe that depression will come out on the winning side.
But please don't give up hope just yet! According to wedMD, having a cute, cuddly, loyal pet can actually help you in your fight!
Explain these few tips to your parents and they might just be wiling to get you a puppy. Then sit back and feel the magic unfold.
Pets offer unconditional love
Friends and family are difficult to cope with even when in the best health. When battling depression, relationships can feel more burdensome and can even send you spiraling, and while human connection is still a must, pets will offer you the unconditional and uncomplicated love that you need. You never have to worry about fights, resentment or hurt feelings when you love your pet. Because they will love you back 100X over.
Your cute adorable pet relies on you. They can't feed themselves, walk themselves or bathe themselves. It is your job to take care of your pet and that responsibility will give you a reason to get up even on the most difficult days.
Having a positive focus (aka taking care of your pet) will help you see just how much you can accomplish. And start setting goals for more.
Having a pet is having a built in friend. When you have depression it is very easy to isolate yourself from the world. A pet will be there with you to keep you company, keep you thinking about someone else, and keep you in a routine.
Even better, a pet like a dog that needs to be walked can help you make new friends. Sitting in the dog park or walking them around will lead to interactions with people who can become new friends, or at least people to small talk with.
Heres just a few recommendations for cool pets besides the basic Dog and Cat.
Hermit Crabs
and my favorite
And while these pets don't require being walked, there are so many chat rooms and online communities to talk about your animal and compare notes about how best to take care of them!
And if you are doubting weather or not pets besides cats or dogs and play, check out this awesome Chameleon playing with bubbles.
I hope this card gave some hope and ideas to anyone battling with depression! I am not a doctor so make sure to consult with yours just before you run to your local animal shelter! Stay strong <3