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Hey! It's Monday!
Getting this week's Lyrics of the Day started is L.A.-based Rilo Kiley. It's the title track from their 2002 The Execution of All Things, a title I absolutely love for both record and song. There's nothing all that spectacularly notable about Rilo Kiley, frankly - they broke up in 2011 and are mostly your typical L.A. multi-medium artists (lead singer Jenny Lewis was an actor, for a while), but the 2002 record is really nice, and this track in particular is a really good one. Here's the lyric.
"And lastly, you're all alone with nothing left but sleep
But sleep never comes to you it's the guilt and forever wakefulness of the weak
It's just and me"
As the thumbnail for the video shows, Spin once featured Rilo Kiley and wondered if they were the next Fleetwood Mac. They weren't - aren't - really by any stretch. I mean, they have a female lead singer. So I guess they draw comparisons to Fleetwood Mac? Sure.
Also, full disclosure, I have no reason for choosing that photo of the rocks. I can't think of anything it has to do with the song. I just kinda like the image. Balance, yo.
Have a nice Monday.