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If you're a writer, listen up! Because this card is for you.

Writing is hard. It's a constant struggle. Sometimes it's all you can do not to throw your laptop out the window and scream. When things aren't going well, when you're experiencing writer's block or you just can't get a draft to come out the way you want it to, you just want to rip every piece of paper in the room into a million tiny pieces of confetti. Writing is really, really hard.
But we do it anyway.
For a writer, the scariest, most intimidating thing in the world is a blank page.
There's nothing but potential there – beautiful, raw potential. The possibility of creating something incredible, something beautiful, something truly great. And yet, all that possibility is...


So stop staring at the blank page and letting your fear control you. Start as fast as possible! Grab your pen and paper, and rip off the band aid in one quick, sharp motion. When your brain tries to stop you...

Say NO to the excuses.

Stop waiting for the perfect idea.
Stop expecting fully-formed characters to come waltzing into your head.
Stop hesitating for fear of failure.

The only true failure is never trying.

You can be a writer; all you have to do is begin.
Whether it's 5 minutes, 20 minutes, a half hour, an hour... just make time to write. No distractions. No excuses. No fear.

You want to be a writer?

Write. That's all it takes.

Here's my writing philosophy: you need to WRITE in order to write.
Does that make sense? What I mean to say is, you'll never write something truly great if you never put pen to paper. You have to START before you can FINISH!

Turn on the faucet.

Start writing something. Anything. Write the crappiest load of crap you possibly can.
Write about your day.
Write about something weird that happened to you.
Write about the one thing you can't possibly write about.

Just write. Turn on the faucet – the water will come.

You need to be desperate to write. You need to begin every day like a prize fighter begins a match – desperate to beat your opponent, desperate to achieve your goals. Every single day, tell yourself this:

Today, you will write.

You will triumph over your enemies – laziness, busyness, excuses, hesitation, writer's block, lack of imagination, fatigue, FEAR...

You will defeat them all.

We are the tough ones.
We don't let our excuses stop us. We don't complain that there just isn't enough time in the day. We don't just sit around, dreaming of writing.

We write.

Write for you. Write to achieve your dreams. Write to digest your feelings. Write because you have so much to say to the world. Turn your biggest ideas into something somebody else can read. They're no use to anyone if they stay trapped in your head.

Write just to write,

because it is the most beautiful, glorious, bloody struggle out there. Write because you're a badass. Write because you need to, goddamnit!
Writing is the closest thing to magic out there.

You have the power to change your world into words.

Today, you will not let fear, excuses, or laziness get the best of you.

You will fearlessly step out, take a chance, and write – and that will be the first step to success.
This card goes out to my writer friends! @BPF1916 @TessStevens @buddyesd @rodiziketan @quietone @DeepakAswal @VinMcCarthy @paulisaverage @skee292 @jordanhamilton @LizArnone @shannonl5 @GaniSN @shjej5835 and allllll you other writers out there! I believe in you –

now go forth and conquer!

this is my writting moto as well. Blank pages are really a nightmare. Sometimes, I just start drawing haha. But a really great card, I will definetely read this the next time, when coping with those problems. Thank you for sharing and tagging me :) @allischaaff
Yayyy so glad you guys enjoyed!! Thank you all for taking the time to comment back :D this was truly a labor of love for you guys! @jordanhamilton I'm happy I could inspire you to "turn on the faucet" :) @shannonl5 I would LOVE to hear about how your progress as a writer develops! Write that card, and then tag me in it ;) @DeepakAswal I'm happy you appreciated it!! :D Keep writing my friend! and @BPF1916 Hahahaha I felt pretty empowered and motivational writing it to be honest XD you're not weird lol, that's a great way to get your ideas flowing haha! It really does feel like searching for a hidden door... and behind it, lies inspiration and ideas and good stuff. But to get those flowing, you just gotta start writing – even if it's gibberish (or scratching! haha) :D
I literally imagined you in front of a bunch of writers giving this speech! ahah now I feel like fist pump in the hair rawring ahahah no joke, it's incredible what you wrote! I especially loved this paragraph - "Write because you have so much to say to the world. Turn your biggest ideas into something somebody else can read. They're no use to anyone if they stay trapped in your head." you've been truly inspirational! and what you said about one of our biggest fears being that blank page, I totally relate to that! I get so frustrated! is like a whole world of creative possibilitys is right in front of me and I just can't find the door! A while ago when that happened to me I actually started scratching the blank page in order to overcome my fear! when I was scratching the 5th page the ideas just started to run xp I'm a weird person ahah
@rodiziketan drawing might actually be a really good tactic! It's still engaging your brain and challenging you to be creative. I feel like as long as you're inspiring yourself and you get in the habit of creating, the words might start to come easier
@rodiziketan @TerrecaRiley of course guys!! glad you liked :) <3
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