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Ready to write today? #MondayMotivation

If you're a writer, listen up! Because this card is for you.

Writing is hard. It's a constant struggle. Sometimes it's all you can do not to throw your laptop out the window and scream. When things aren't going well, when you're experiencing writer's block or you just can't get a draft to come out the way you want it to, you just want to rip every piece of paper in the room into a million tiny pieces of confetti. Writing is really, really hard.
But we do it anyway.
For a writer, the scariest, most intimidating thing in the world is a blank page.
There's nothing but potential there – beautiful, raw potential. The possibility of creating something incredible, something beautiful, something truly great. And yet, all that possibility is...


So stop staring at the blank page and letting your fear control you. Start as fast as possible! Grab your pen and paper, and rip off the band aid in one quick, sharp motion. When your brain tries to stop you...

Say NO to the excuses.

Stop waiting for the perfect idea.
Stop expecting fully-formed characters to come waltzing into your head.
Stop hesitating for fear of failure.

The only true failure is never trying.

You can be a writer; all you have to do is begin.
Whether it's 5 minutes, 20 minutes, a half hour, an hour... just make time to write. No distractions. No excuses. No fear.

You want to be a writer?

Write. That's all it takes.

Here's my writing philosophy: you need to WRITE in order to write.
Does that make sense? What I mean to say is, you'll never write something truly great if you never put pen to paper. You have to START before you can FINISH!

Turn on the faucet.

Start writing something. Anything. Write the crappiest load of crap you possibly can.
Write about your day.
Write about something weird that happened to you.
Write about the one thing you can't possibly write about.

Just write. Turn on the faucet – the water will come.

You need to be desperate to write. You need to begin every day like a prize fighter begins a match – desperate to beat your opponent, desperate to achieve your goals. Every single day, tell yourself this:

Today, you will write.

You will triumph over your enemies – laziness, busyness, excuses, hesitation, writer's block, lack of imagination, fatigue, FEAR...

You will defeat them all.

We are the tough ones.
We don't let our excuses stop us. We don't complain that there just isn't enough time in the day. We don't just sit around, dreaming of writing.

We write.

Write for you. Write to achieve your dreams. Write to digest your feelings. Write because you have so much to say to the world. Turn your biggest ideas into something somebody else can read. They're no use to anyone if they stay trapped in your head.

Write just to write,

because it is the most beautiful, glorious, bloody struggle out there. Write because you're a badass. Write because you need to, goddamnit!
Writing is the closest thing to magic out there.

You have the power to change your world into words.

Today, you will not let fear, excuses, or laziness get the best of you.

You will fearlessly step out, take a chance, and write – and that will be the first step to success.
This card goes out to my writer friends! @BPF1916 @TessStevens @buddyesd @rodiziketan @quietone @DeepakAswal @VinMcCarthy @paulisaverage @skee292 @jordanhamilton @LizArnone @shannonl5 @GaniSN @shjej5835 and allllll you other writers out there! I believe in you –

now go forth and conquer!

this is my writting moto as well. Blank pages are really a nightmare. Sometimes, I just start drawing haha. But a really great card, I will definetely read this the next time, when coping with those problems. Thank you for sharing and tagging me :) @allischaaff
Yayyy so glad you guys enjoyed!! Thank you all for taking the time to comment back :D this was truly a labor of love for you guys! @jordanhamilton I'm happy I could inspire you to "turn on the faucet" :) @shannonl5 I would LOVE to hear about how your progress as a writer develops! Write that card, and then tag me in it ;) @DeepakAswal I'm happy you appreciated it!! :D Keep writing my friend! and @BPF1916 Hahahaha I felt pretty empowered and motivational writing it to be honest XD you're not weird lol, that's a great way to get your ideas flowing haha! It really does feel like searching for a hidden door... and behind it, lies inspiration and ideas and good stuff. But to get those flowing, you just gotta start writing – even if it's gibberish (or scratching! haha) :D
I literally imagined you in front of a bunch of writers giving this speech! ahah now I feel like fist pump in the hair rawring ahahah no joke, it's incredible what you wrote! I especially loved this paragraph - "Write because you have so much to say to the world. Turn your biggest ideas into something somebody else can read. They're no use to anyone if they stay trapped in your head." you've been truly inspirational! and what you said about one of our biggest fears being that blank page, I totally relate to that! I get so frustrated! is like a whole world of creative possibilitys is right in front of me and I just can't find the door! A while ago when that happened to me I actually started scratching the blank page in order to overcome my fear! when I was scratching the 5th page the ideas just started to run xp I'm a weird person ahah
@rodiziketan drawing might actually be a really good tactic! It's still engaging your brain and challenging you to be creative. I feel like as long as you're inspiring yourself and you get in the habit of creating, the words might start to come easier
@rodiziketan @TerrecaRiley of course guys!! glad you liked :) <3
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It's always up to you!
First of all, I am really happy to be back, to be vingle active. I took some time, away from all the internet and mass media kind of life, which I think it is something everyone of us should do every once in a while. It feels so good. But I have to say, I did miss Vingle, I missed all you lovely vinglers, sharing interesting and funny cards, and now, I am ready for round 2.0. And what is better to post, that this amazingly deep picture (which I am sure, a lot of you have already seen it, am I right?) But in case you havent, take a couple of minutes, read the text carefuly and think. Reading it over and over again makes it even better. It is a great example to approve that it is always up to us, everything. A bad thing, doesn't always have to be a bad thing, you can try and find something positive, and if you try really hard, I'm sure you'll find it. It's only a matter of perspective, and it is so easy, just to flip the case over and embrace the situation. Even if you don't agree with me, at least try. It took me quite a long time to realize this meaningful message, but now I can say, my way of thinking changed. And for the better. Think good, be good and spread the good. I share this card with all the vinglers, but at the same time I want to say "Hi" to some of you: @allischaaff @marshalledgar @alywoah @LauraFisher @TerrecaRiley @nicolejb @shannonl5 @2littlelegs @TessStevens @LizArnone @danidee @skee292 @buddyesd @onesmile @VinMcCarthy @ShadowAnggel87
I guess everyone has some people around them (or maybe not even around, but somewhere), who just hate you, for no real reason. Those, so called people can be your school mates, your friend's freinds, someone you go to college with, your co-workers, or just any other, random people. Those people are usually people we never talk to, and actually never had, but somehow they think they know us, which is letting them to think they have a right to judge you. But, if you worry about them, than you are just stupid. Those people think they know you, they spend hours per day thinking about you. Yes - hating on someone and talking shit about someone is actually thinking of that someone. And you know what? If I tell you about my experience... I have quite a group of people that I "know". Well, they were just empty bodies, strolling down the path of my life, nothing meaningful. Those are the people I don't even know their last names. And they somehow know everything about me, and they feel so happy when talking shit about me. Well, I guess I won. I represent a celebrity figure in their small, meaningless lives. They are spending a lot of their moment on hating on me, and if they are actually so jelous of my life, well than let they! If talking shit about me makes them feel better, let they do it. I don't care. I don't know them. I will never meet them. If they die (sorry for exaggerating) I won't even know, if I die (again, sorry) their world would change like a lot. I am such a big part of their lives, bud saddly it only goes one way - for all the haters out there: Sorry, but who the fuck are you?
We Have Forgotten How To Learn With Purpose.
What do you think of when you think of learning? Education? Perfect grades? You think success. And it makes sense. People who work hard, who are smart, who do great in school usually go on to become very successful people. And we all think of the same word when we hear successful right... That's right, money. But the problem is, we have forgotten about the beauty of learning, that lesson going in one ear and out the other. And without knowing how to learn, how can you possibly be prepared for the twists and turns of life ? The point of learning isn't to be better then everyone else. Learning isn't to make you wealthy or to climb one rug higher at your job. It's that kind of reasoning that pushes kids away from school. The point of learning is to maintain your dreams, adjust your expectations, adapt to situations and accomplish everything you ever wanted to do, without feeling regret about any of it. I'm reading a book about an astronaut, it's non fiction and the strangest memoir I have ever read. And he said the one reason he loved his job for 20 years was because he never let his love of being an astronaut hinder on weather or not he actually went into space. Sounds crazy right? But it makes sense. He loves space, loves figuring out how things fly and loves learning everything he can about how to be the best astronaut he can be. He did his part, and love every second of the journey. The getting into space part has too many variables out of his control, so why think of it as anything other then a perk? There have, after all, been amazing astronauts who haven't went into space. And it's that attitude that reminds us that learning isn't to only accomplish one goal, it's to prepare yourself for anything, this way you will always find success. So I think it's time we trust the process. We embrace learning not to move up the ladder. a passion for learning, for genuine curiosity will make us into a better person, even if it outwardly effects nothing but our attitude. We need to remember that societies version of "success" and our version of learning doesn't always see eye to eye. So embrace all knowledge, you never know how far it will get you to shooting for the moon. I mean hey, will preparing for one dream you might accidentally discover another along the way! The universe is pretty crazy like that. You live and you learn.
Benefits Of Content Marketing: What You Need To Know
Over the course of past few years, content marketing has been the primary go-to solution for many companies around the world. It guarantees cost-effective marketing strategies, all the while generating greater ROI compared to its counterparts. Which is why in recent times many digital marketing agencies have made the most of content marketing for their clients. However, what exactly makes content marketing so great? Even though the common content approach is 20/80, meaning 80% of the efforts cause 20% of the yields. One of the main reason being its cost-effectiveness, along with its immaculate capabilities to engage the audience, and encourage them into endorsing a brand or service. Without wasting any time, let us discuss the benefits of content marketing. Visibility and Recognition Many business owners struggle with creating an enduring online presence. However, one of the major benefits of content marketing is it provides companies with wide exposure on the internet. In other words, content marketing is the art of providing you visibility with the use of compelling content. Digital marketing agencies use the content to create a Wikipedia page, or your brand’s Facebook profile. Another perquisite of content marketing is building your brand’s recognition through multiple platforms. Your website can be interactive, and feedback centric. While social media content requires you to provide more personal touch in your content. Conversely, the primary goal of content marketing is creating your recognition with content that becomes synonymous with you. Customer Interaction And Relation Perhaps the most lucrative part of interactive content marketing is garnering valuable feedback. It enables companies to improve customer interaction, as well as cultivate their loyalty. By simply improving your service through feedback, and keeping your clientele updated with any changes or modifications in services or product. Conclusion Considering the attention span time of humans has now decreased to 8 seconds, engaging your readers through appealing content has now become even more challenging. Another stat suggests over 65% of content marketers struggle with creating fresh content. According to research, it is the content on a website that turns leads into customers if the content keeps them engaged long enough. The benefits of content marketing are countless, which is why it has skyrocketed in recent years. However, it is essential to understand the tone of content required for different mediums. Websites require professional and formal tone, in order to deliver promotional content that engages readers.