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I guess that's why it's called an 'iPhone' and not an 'eye-Phone'.
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It was beautiful. this image says it all.
@midnighter12 lolol whenever i try to take a picture of the sky at night, my phone freaks out so hard. i tried to take pictures of the city skyline on 4th of july, and my iphone was like NOPE.
i did! i was in my brother's room and i was looking at the window the moon was so bright i wonder why. Then i freaked out. the world is going to end. (nothing happen) I never seen a blue moon before. It must've been ny first time DX
@ninachan Yeah I'd never seen a blue moon before either!! It's super crazy. I remember the first time I saw shooting stars/asteroids, I was like DDD:
@danidee i don't know this was all a dream but this happen long long ago when i was 5 i saw a shooting star flash down my window. was like whoa! telling everyone in the house. that i saw a shooting star. i don't think they believe me it could've been my imagination.