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This week's Maknae Monday features Beast's adorable maknae, Dongwoon. Don't forget to tell me who your favorite maknaes are! ^_^
Name: Son Dong Woon (손동운)
Group: Beast/ B2ST
Birthdate: June 6, 1991
Hometown: Busan, South Korea
Role: Vocalist
Horoscope Sign: Gemini
Hobbies: Writing lyrics, reading
Languages: Chinese, Korean
Dream: To do radio, reality, and variety shows
Instagram: realbeastdw
Latest Project: Released "Ordinary" album along with Beast for their 2015 comeback.
Here are some fun "facts" about this adorable maknae...
He does not look like the maknae. He is called Male God because of his mature looks.
But he tries aegyo to convince everyone he is the true maknae.
He is hilariously clumsy at physical activities. (But he plays the piano and violin well!)
He is one funny dancer (since dancing is also a physical activity).
Hope you enjoyed learning about Dongwoon!

Did I miss any other Dongwoon facts? Let me know if I did!
Make a card about your favorite maknae or tell me who they are so I can make one for you. :)
@b2utyrisa have you seen the episode of happy together with Dongwoon Yoseob and Kikwang??? when they asked about what they said at fan signings 😂😂 omg he shouldn't be the Maknae
@poojas those who don't know beast well would have totally believed you 😂😂 Yoseob with his tiny face how could you know??
I only have one older sister but she's ten years older so I'm youngest by a long shot. most of my friends are older than me (by like days and months but) Yoseob has changed though Damn those muscles 😄 it would've been funny if you made a card for Yoseob instead of Dongwoon 😂
@tayunnie RIGHT? I need to make a Best of Aegyo card for Yoseob next! He has the cutest dog too! LOL @B2utyrisa Awwww ^^
@tayunnie I think Yoseob also acts the most like a maknae...with that adorable face and all that aegyo! XD And aww are you the youngest sibling?
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