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chick flick (n.) - a slang term for a film genre mainly dealing with love and romance and designed to appeal to a largely female target audience.

They're our go-to's when our best friend isn't around to lend an ear or when we are feeling rather romantic. They give us a good laugh, warm our hearts and sometimes even give us a good cry. No, I'm not referring to your boyfriend -- although he probably falls under the same category, but I'm talking about chick flicks. Those films we ever so often make our lover boys watch with us while they sulk and pretend they aren't enjoying it, when deep down they secretly are.
Yes fellas, we know that you secretly enjoy chick flicks -- well most. If you're wondering why your 'most recently watched' section on Netflix consist of The Notebook and Legally Blonde, you might want to ask your boyfriend. The cat is out of the bag -- here are five chick flicks guys secretly or not so secretly enjoy.

The Notebook

I mean seriously, who doesn't love this film? And Ryan Gosling is simply irresistible -- not even your man can resist his charm and good looks.

The Fault In Our Stars

A tear jerker with a heartfelt message and a bit of laughter mixed in is always a win. We all long for a love as strong as Hazel and Augustus.

500 Days Of Summer

Calling all hopeless romantics. I've never met a guy who didn't have a soft spot for this film. It's inevitable.

Legally Blonde

He may not be a fan of Elle Woods, but he's definitely here for the beauty Reese Witherspoon. Just keep a close eye on him and make sure he doesn't bust out with the "bend and snap" move.

Friends With Benefits

Justin and Mila make this friends with benefits thing look pretty easy. Don't worry, you're guy won't get any thoughts -- he loves you.
Grab some popcorn, grab your guy -- if he doesn't grab you first and spend the weekend laughing, crying and smiling while watching these five amazing chick flicks.
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I've never seen a spanish chick flick before, but I bet they're even more entertaining @buddyesd
@jordanhamilton actually I did like a couple of them lol...shh don't tell wifey :)
I can ser a guy watching friends with benefits but, the others, I'm not sure about. its all up to them to watch what they want. I won't judge. lol.
sorry... I've got to start proof reading. omg! lol
haha, it's all good! lol I knew what you mean. but I think they're all pretty decent movies for a guy to watch if he is watching them in the comfort of a woman @smnthcarter773