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Stephen Colbert has been busy making jokes all over the Internet since he quit The Colbert Report. None of them really had anything to do with The Late Show, they mostly just looked like Stephen Colbert hanging out, making people laugh. I'm not complaining, they were super enjoyable!

Last night, the first real promos for his new show aired on CBS, and they're getting me excited to see Colbert back behind a desk!

Like everything else he does, the promos are weird and funny. My personal favorite stars Mitt Romney who, now that he's not running for president, apparently has nothing better to do.

"Wow you do a great Mitt Romney!"

Colbert promises that The Late Show will have "fascinating conversations with celebrities, athletes, musicians and of course, politicians." Based on the promos alone, The Late Show looks like it'll be a good addition to the late night TV line up. With Jon Stewart leaving (waaaaaahhh), Stephen Colbert is the next best thing.
The Late Show premieres September 8th on CBS.
I'd hang out with pretty much anyone for pancakes. @LauraFisher @danidee
I want to eat pancakes with Mitt Romney.
@LizArnone, I'm not sure why he quit! I wonder if he was offered the Late Show and that's why he quit...but it was a while ago, so I'm not totally sure. Hopefully The Late Show is as weird as Colbert Report was.
Hes so weird!! but super funny! why did he quit The Colbert Report?
@danidee I'd hang out Mitt Romney if it meant I could eat pancakes, yeah.