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Happy Monday Vinglers! It’s the first day of the work-week and we all hopping in our cars, taking a bus, or pulling out our bike to work today. But what if I told you there is another (more fun) commute? That’s right. Pull out your tube and take the river downstream.
In Boulder, CO (shoutout to Colorado @JohnYoung!) tubers celebrated the eighth annual Tube to Work Day, and participating members rode down the river in their inner tube.
When I lived in Colorado, I had some nice tubing experience. So I can tell you from experience, the rapids are no joke. The summer run-off from the mountains makes the river prime to float down FAST! So not only is it fast, it’s also environmentally friendly.

How are you commuting to work day?

Maybe trying something different as a way to break that Monday blues. Try taking your bike, or walking an extra block, or even using a scooter. Or if you live near a river...tubing is the best way!
no @allischaaff! It’s super fun you just have to paddle around rocks and make sure to keep your butt up so it doesn’t get hit by rocks. lol. I promise it’s fun!
Whoa, this is awesome!!! :D I've never tried tubing before – is it scary @nicolejb ?? :O