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Planned Parenthood is going through some shit. Everyone has heard that they are selling baby parts for money because obviously Lucifer himself started this organization to drive the human race into the lowest pits of hell. Sounds logical right? So now that we have that myth out of the way, lets me rebuke another myth. Planned parenthood does not only exist to give out abortions NOR do they sell baby parts. And the idea is absolutely ridiculous. So let me tell you what planned parenthood actually does.
In America, having ovaries and a vagina is practically illegal. Health care for women is expensive and is surrounded by so much slut shamming and religious hoops to jump through that it makes it impossible and dangerous for poor women to be able to properly care for themselves. Planned Parenthood offers poor women the chance to get affordable health care. They do everything from Cancer screening, to providing birth control, to STD testing. In fact, only 3% of all planned parenthood activities involve abortions, a fact that should be nobodies fucking business, especially because no government funded money actually goes to the abortions.
Now onto this business about selling baby parts. If you did some further research, you would see that no body parts are being sold and the entire video is edited propaganda from an organization whose main goal is to shut down planned parenthood. Almost all planned parenthood abortions are in the first trimester, meaning the fetus is about the size of a kidney bean, which means there isn't even a body to have parts to sell! Women who receive abortions are simply given the option to DONATE the fetus to science to use in the hopes of finding cures for terrible illnesses that are killing thousands of people yearly (Cancer being one of them). So no, they aren't selling their babies, they are simply trying to make something good come out of their very difficult decision. SO STOP SHAMING THEM! Again, not that it is anyone business what is done to someone else's BODY!
I understand that abortions are against some peoples religions, morals, and ethical codes. And that is fine. You are welcome to your beliefs and NO ONE and I mean NO ONE will force you into an abortion. But trying to shut down planned parent hood will effect poverty stricken women all across the country that can only afford medical care from planned parenthood. If you are prepared to shut down the only affordable basic health care for women, you better have another plan. But I have a feeling you don't. Stop trying to control our bodies. Stop trying to slut shame and attack all women going into planned parenthood. Stop trying to ignore the separation between church and states.

And stop trying to deny us our basic fucking rights because our reproductive organs are none of your fucking business.

I LOVE this card! I go to Planned Parenthood to get testing and birth control and they have always treated me with respect and have answered any question I have had without any judgment (the same cannot be said about a lot of doctors offices). This entire "debate" about whether PP is selling baby parts is just absolutely ridiculous. People need to read the facts, so I'm really glad you put all the facts together in this card so that people will now have the right information!
@allischaaff exactly!!! not having pp will make unplanned pregnancies skyrocket! i once read that most people who are to scared to walk through the protesters into planned pregnancy aren't even getting an abortion, they are just trying to speak to a doctor !! its disgusting that protesters are allowed to stand so close tot he building @JordanNash its so nice to hear GOOD THINGS about PP! honestly, most people say they are treated better there then normal doctors because it is such a judgement free zone which is exactly what women need! thanks so much for sharing!
Amen sister!!! People will believe anything they read these days... whether you're personally pro-life or not, abortions are a basic right that women MUST have access to, period. Obviously it's a huge, heavy decision to get one, but listen – there will only be MORE abortions if we take away many women's access to birth control by defunding PP. Use common sense and don't impose your morals on others. Make women's healthcare legal. (I lol'd when you said having ovaries and a vagina is basically illegal... SO TRUE)
Also @LizArnone I forgot to mention this in my earlier comment, but I think one of the best points you make is that 97% of what Planned Parenthood does has absolutely nothing to do with abortions. I think that's a number that needs to be more widely known.
@Nymrha I really appreciate your comment! It's nice to see that even someone who is personally against abortion can appreciate the truth behind this whole PP debacle :) you definitely make a good point.
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