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There's something magical and irreverent about high school...well...kind of...ok, not really. High school is a time for absolute disillusions, fun and heartbreak. Doing it in a suburban setting can mess you up, but it can also yield some pretty fond memories. Here's a healthy mix of both
You and your best friend totally thought you ruled the school, despite your actual social status.
And for some reason there was always a mandatory pep-rally on days you wanted to crawl into a hole and die.
You had major spaz attacks when you felt like the cool kids at school were leaving you out of something.
And when you were trying to act cool, sometimes your parents would show up random places like at football games, or school dances and totally embarrass you.
You totally irrationally hated that one kid who never got bad grades, no matter what he did.
On the rare occasion that the smart kid made a mistake, or forgot an assignment, everyone celebrated.
If someone brought a snack to your foreign language class for a cultural exchange day, it was a real party.
You secretly were jealous of the kids who got a lot of attention for their athletic prowess.
It didn't matter how mature you was always fun to mess with the substitute teacher by switching your names or just generally being little jerks.
At times you downright hated high school.
But you met some pretty amazing friends there, that may even still be with you today.
And you definitely learned a lot, even if you were an average kid that nobody understood.
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