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When the weaves and the wigs come off, at the end of the day all you're left with is your natural hair.

Before it became a trend, rockin' your natural hair was something that you didn't see too many women doing. Those who did wear their natural tresses embraced their mane with pride and appreciation. Now that the natural hair trend has taken off in the world of social media, you now see women everywhere showing off their natural hair and loving ever bit of it -- regardless of texture.
Not every woman is going to have the same texture of hair and at the end of the day, that's the true beauty of it all. Natural hair is versatile, fun and not every woman looks the same. These six women were rockin' their natural hair way before it became a "thing" -- let's just say they opened doors and showed us natural ladies the true meaning of embracing something that's ours.

Macy Gray

Lauryn Hill

Erykah Badu


India Arie

Alicia Keys

From Erykah Badu with the bald head to Alicia Keys in her prime with the braids and beads -- these women showed us how to rock our natural hair from way back.
If you're interested in embracing your natural hair or rockin' a natural style for the summer -- check out the poetic justice braid trend here.
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@CorlethaTurner, to be honest, when I first cut my hair, I felt freed. I even rocked my natural hair. But now I feel like it's going through this awkward growing stage, so I just don't feel comfy. I think I had prefered it in a mini, curly fro.
@TerrecaRiley OKAY! <3 :)
YES! So very true @CorlethaTurner. At the end of the day, it all comes down to loving yourself.
Get a deep conditioning treatment and a trim. It works wonders. @alywoah