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Over the past few months in this community, I think we've all noticed how positive, supportive, and understanding we all are. I have been able to talk to you guys about so many things and I love how open minded everyone has been.
So I was thinking, I'd love to talk to everyone about issues that really matter in Kpop. This month, I want to make a weekly or twice a week card about a serious issue in Kpop that we can all discuss. What I'd like to know is:

1. Are you interested!? 2. What issues do you want to talk about?!

I already wrote a card >>here<< about idols that struggled with mental health and body image issues and was thinking of covering topics like this:
- Non-Korean or Half-Korean Idols
- Crash diets and what idols are considered "chubby" ---> READ HERE
- Idols that support LGBT rights ---> READ HERE
- Strong women in Kpop
- Skin tone and tan idols ---> READ HERE

What else do you want to discuss?!

Also if you want to write your own card about an issue, PLEASE DO. Just be sure to tag me in it so I can see it and clip in to my collection^^
Oh that's a good idea! Hmmm what about how dating is considered a scandal?
I would be interested. I think a few issues that should be covered are 1. Bullying within groups: example T -ara. 2. Entertainment companies abusing their groups: example SM/ TVXQ - JYJ; EXO and 3. Sae Sung fans who have done things like cause car accidents: example Super Junior's car accident that seriously injured some of their members ... 4. What is with the death threats recently?
I would like to see a card about Predebut struggles like all of the stuff they have to go through as a trainee and the rigorous scheduling that idols have to deal with every day even after debut like long practice hours and whatnot.
@kpopandkimchi how about unjust law suits, contact issues, and blackmail and defamation scandals? ie public opinion crucifixion based on media rumors rather than factual evidence. Evidence and court case information being ignored by kpop media publications because the scandal rumors get them more readers?
ooohhhh i would love this. Since I havent been a Kpop fan for a long time, like most people i feel i dont know much of these seriousbtopics..and i feel its importannt to know more of thr well being if our idols. and Be able to know currently how theybare doing and support them :] @kpopandkimchi
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