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Okay so all Kpop fans who constantly listen to kpop and watch/read anything related to Kpop must dream about it as well and I am proud to say, this is my first kpop related dream (that I remember). It's still a bit fuzzy but I remember the majority of the dream. *My dream* Bts were there annd someone in Got7 was there too (I don't remember who. all I know that he was in got7 lol). Everyone including me were at a lake in a tropical forest. V and Namjoon and I along with Jimin were playing around in the water. Suga, Jin, the member in got7 and Hobi were chilling talking to each other and stuff. Jungook was swimming and was by himself (LOL). Anyways, I guess I seen the Got7 member poop in the water and I tried all I could not to go underwater but since I kept it to myself, everyone started to go underwater and were swimming and stuff so I went away from the scene to where Kookie was. Kookie of course was swimming and there was a snake inside the water to which Namjoon and V told me was preserved (it was a white Snake) yet it would wrap around your leg. Jungkook and I talked and stuff until, TO MY HORROR (Even though Kookie was just being sweet), he grabbed me and pulled me underwater with him. He let go of me and reached the surface while I had literal trouble getting to the surface because MY HAIR was like seaweed and was nearly suffocating me with it's heaviness. After that, I decided I should just tell them the Got7 member pooped in the water but the damn snake kept wrapping around my leg which caused me to feel claustrophobic and almost have a panic attack. I managed to get past the snake and told the members but they didn't seem to care. The dream ended there but what was weird was that my friend and I were playing a video even though I was inside of it just seconds ago. My dreams are weird and confusing idk what made me dream of that . Have you had a kpop related dream? Are they as weird as mine? If so, tell me! I love hearing what others dream about!
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@B1A4BTS5ever Your dreams are not even that weird compared to mine. Mine make absolutely no sense haha
@aliciasalinas that was one of my my kpop dreams my other ones are weird i hate when i have scary dreams cause there bad hahahahaa
I had a dream with different kinds a band first was infinite second exo then bts And some other band to chant remember. I was dreaming somewhere at restaurant i think and i saw dongwoo with a girl. And i went crazy: oh my gosh dongwoo ! i hug him tight and he was trying to get away from me. the girl left i didn't care about her. but dongwoo got away and i ran after him. I was like come back. but he led me to the other members. i only saw sungyu and i think l and hoya? and then i had a nother dream with them i was plating and chilling with infinite, i was doing something until me and sungyeol had been arguing about something. i was like uhu and he was like nothu we was going back and forth and hoya and dongwoo weren't there becauses they were filming something. theres more dreams i want to share.
I dreamnt TOP had died! And the Moon was crying like tears and blood because i was hurt... NO SERIOUSLY!!! I added a card on it! Its titled "WHAT IN THE FUUUSHWAHH MILK DID I DREAM THE OTHER NIGHT!" I really dreamnt that, and now im checking every fansite fancafe and news article! I didnt want to be the only one.
Wow what a weird dream