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Anyone who grew up in the early 90’s knows that “Full House” was a staple in American television. The storyline of the show (chronicles of a widowed father who enlists his best friend and his brother-in-law to help raise his three daughters) grabbed the hearts of many around the world.

The actor who made the magic happen during the series was Bob Saget. Can you imagine this show without talented actor?

Bob flawlessly executed his role as the widowed father in “Full House.” Saget's mission was to deliver tear-jerkers by the boatload each episode.

Despite the demands of his job, Saget always found time to bond with his family.
I loved “Full House.” Since I loved the show, I guess I loved Bob Saget too. A couple weeks ago I stumbled across news that Netflix was working on a remake of the show called “Fuller House.” I jumped for joy. First we get “Girl Meets World” now this? The tv gods are clearly on my side in 2015.
Eager to share the news with the masses, I posted a link to the story in a group chat with my friends. They all laughed at me, one friend even said “ there's no way Bob is going to be apart of this.”

I was shocked. I immediately jumped to the defense of Saget by saying “No way this show takes off without Bob Saget, he's the nicest dad on television.”

My comment was attacked by a boatload of links by my friends. The videos sent changed my thoughts about Bob forever.

I knew Bob Saget did stand-up comedy, but not like this.

One of the standout videos titled “Don't have sex with a Goat," featured back and forth banter between Saget and a member in the crowd of the perils of sexual intercourse with animals.

Dammit, Bob, Dammit. They got you too.

With “Fuller House” around the corner, I’m stuck at a fork in the road. Should I tune in? If I do, which Saget should I expect to show up?

Will the real Bob Saget please stand up?

Hahahaha, he was really crass in the movie Half Baked too. I think that's just his stand-up style though. I think he can go back to being Danny Tanner if need be.
@christianmordi it's ok. It's a sitcom, and the conceit is a guy is telling his kids how he met their mom, and the story take several seasons. I didn't like the last season at all, but there were a few strong moments. And yeah, he narrates as the dad 'in the future'
@shannonl5 I didn't know he was apart of "How I met your mother." Everyone speaks highly of that show, what is it about exactly?
Yeah his stand up is all like that @danidee he was in The Aristocrats and the joke he told was reeeeally dirty. He's also the narrator is How I Met Your Mother, which by comparison is pretty wholesome. If you really want him to be in it @christianmordi you could hold out for the same thing they did with Girl Meets World. He could be the next Mr. Feeny!
@danidee I totally forgot he was in Half Baked, he took things to the extreme on that one as well. Odd to see him in that space. Wasn't one of the stars on the show "Scandal" in half baked also?