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Size Matters: How Much Product Do You Need
I'm sure everyone has been guilty of just squeezing whatever amount of product that comes out of the bottle and calling it good; however, there are certain beauty serving sizes that we should all pay closer attention to in order to save ourselves some time and money. Take a look at the list below.

shampoo = blackberry for short hair, strawberry for long hair

conditioner = cherry for short hair, two raspberries for long hair

styling cream = one or two pumpkin seeds

mousse = one crabapple

wax and pomade = one almond

cleanser = one hazelnut

face moisturizer = two raisins

eye cream = one pine nut per eye

night cream = one blueberry

retinal and serum = one pea

serum and oil = one or two macadamia nuts

sunscreen = one grape per body part